How to Help and Support Someone with an Addiction

10 October 2022
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Addiction doesn't discriminate, and that's why most families know someone struggling with a substance abuse issue. As a loved one of an addict, your primary hope and goal might be to help this person get the treatment they need. But many families don't know how to encourage someone to get help. Here is a guide that explains the steps you can take to help and support someone with an addiction.

You can't force them into recovery 

You might have some influence in the addict's life, but you must remember that you can't force them into recovery. Addicts must choose their own path, and they won't put forth the effort to treat their problem if you force them to do it. They must want to do it, which means you have virtually no control over how they respond. You can be there for them to encourage and support them through difficult times, but you can't make them seek the help they need. You can avoid some disappointment by remembering this principle.

Aim to help without enabling

Secondly, it's vital for you to learn how to help an addict without enabling them, and there is a fine line between these two things. Enabling an addict makes it easier for them to continue their addiction. A prime example of enabling is giving money to an addict, as they'll likely use this money to buy more alcohol or drugs. Helping them is being there for them if they need a ride to an AA meeting or treatment center. It's also being there for them to have someone to talk to when they need guidance.

Research and present ideas

Additionally, you can research addiction and substance abuse treatment programs to present to your loved one. Learning about addiction offers the education you need to present a loved one with options. It also helps you learn what you can do to protect yourself. There are many reasons to research addiction and treatment plans when you have a loved one with a substance abuse problem.

Host an intervention

Finally, you might decide to host an intervention to encourage your loved one to seek substance abuse treatment. You can do this yourself or hire an expert for help. If you would like more information about substance abuse treatment, contact a counseling center or recovery center. They can answer your questions and help you learn more about helping an addict in your life.