Appreciating The Purpose Of A Pilot Substance Abuse Treatment Program

24 May 2022
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As a commercial pilot, you face unique challenges that might be rarer or unheard of in other industries. These pressures can take a toll on your emotional, mental, and physical health. You might find yourself relying on substances like alcohol or prescription or illegal drugs to cope with them.

However, this dependency can put your life and career in jeopardy. You may safeguard both by enrolling in and completing a professional pilot substance abuse treatment program.

Overcoming Your Dependency 

The primary focus of pilot substance abuse treatment involves weaning you off of the substances to which you are addicted. You may need professional counseling and intervention to taper off the substance or stop using it altogether. 

You may have had no luck trying to stop using it on your own. However, you may find you can stop using the substance gradually and successfully when you take part in a pilot substance abuse treatment program. 

Identifying and Managing Triggers

Your pilot substance abuse treatment may also involve identifying the triggers that caused you to use drugs or drink alcohol in the first place. You might have begun using it to cope with being separated from your family, for example. You also might have initiated your addiction to deal with anger and disagreements with your spouse or frustration at dealing with demanding passengers on each flight.

When you identify what these triggers are, you may then learn how to cope with them in a healthier and safer manner. Your pilot substance abuse treatment counselor might teach you how to meditate to keep yourself calm. You also may learn to use coping mechanisms, such as listening to calming music before each flight, to manage your emotions and resist the temptation to use drugs or drink again.

Keeping Your License

Finally, your pilot substance abuse treatment can be a requirement for keeping your pilot license. You do not want to lose it or your ability to keep working and earning an income. However, before you can undertake your next flight, you may need to prove you have completed pilot substance abuse treatment. You can get this proof once you finish the program and reach sobriety again.

Pilot substance abuse treatment can be vital for keeping your license and safeguarding your career and health. You can wean yourself off of your dependency. You can also identify and manage your triggers and gain proof of completion to keep your license to fly. 

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