Three Things You Didn't Know About Marriage Counseling For Military Members

3 March 2016
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Marriage counseling is beneficial for nearly all marriages. In counseling sessions, each partner learns how to connect or reconnect with their spouse. You also learn negotiating strategies and how to solve disagreements without resorting to hurtful words. Marriage counseling also teaches spouses how to show love and appreciation to their partner. If you or your spouse is in the military and you have been wondering if counseling is right for your marriage, the following information will likely convince you to take the steps to make that first appointment with a marriage therapist.

Not Just for Failing Marriages

Many couples loathe the idea of seeking counseling for their marriage due to the stigma that can be attached to marital counseling. However, marriage counseling is not just for marriages that are on the rocks, for spouses who suspect their partner of cheating, or as a last-ditch effort to keep a spouse from filing for divorce. Even the strongest marriages can benefit from sessions with a competent therapist. Counseling can bring you closer to your spouse and teach you how to work together as a team to handle anything that life sends your way. Counseling can also strengthen your marriage in other ways, and teach you how to relate to each other and communicate effectively.

Career Repercussions

Some military members shy away from any type of counseling or therapy, as they are afraid that seeking assistance may harm or end their military career. However, this is most certainly not the case. In fact, all branches of the military see the benefits of counseling for members and their families, and as a result, encourage members to attend counseling sessions. Many units offer marriage retreats or group counseling sessions that provide activities to help military members stay connected to their spouses and families. These services help keep divorce rates down and mission readiness rates up among troops.

Options & Costs

There are many options available for marriage counseling services for military couples. Some military units and military installations provide these services on the installation for free. Tricare, the military health insurance provider, also offers free marital counseling sessions when obtained from an approved provider. MilitaryOneSource offers resources for members to obtain free counseling either online or in person. A quick online search will yield more results of organizations that provide free or nearly-free marriage therapy services to military members and their spouses.

Military members need to ensure that every area of their life is secure and drama-free. Marriage counseling will strengthen a military marriage so it can withstand the constant trips and deployments without experiencing irreparable damage.