Couples Counseling: When Should You Go To Save Your Marriage?

21 October 2015
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Every marriage has its share of ups and downs, but sometimes couples need a little help in coping with the struggles many relationships face. While plenty of married couples can get through the tougher times together and come out fine on the other side, some may need a bit of assistance. Couples counseling can help both the husband and wife work together to resolve their problems and end up in a happier, more solid bond. How do you know if you should sign up for couples therapy? Read on for some signs it may be time to get help.

Frequent Arguments

It's perfectly normal to disagree, especially when you live with someone all of the time. But if your arguments are getting to be very frequent and even intense, you might need intervention. Whether it's finances, scheduling, or children, spouses do argue over things occasionally. If those disagreements are turning into spats or even escalating into shouting matches, you may want to consider talking to a counselor who can help mediate the situation.


The impact that an affair can have on a relationship is devastating. Some spouses will choose to end the marriage as soon as they get news of an affair, while others may try to work things out. If your other half has admitted to having an affair or even been caught having one, the choice is yours to stay or leave. But if you want to salvage the relationship, a counselor is recommended so they can help both of your work through your feelings and try to understand why something like this happened.

The Silent Treatment

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. If you stop talking to your spouse on a regular basis, this is indicative of serious issues underneath. Whether you've had a fight and refuse to speak to one another, or you've just stopped asking each other how their day was, non communication will almost always result in the dissolving of a marriage and relationship. Going to a marriage counselor can help you both become better communicators and learn to be better in tune with one another's needs.

Financial Problems

One of the most common reasons for divorce is financial related issues. If you're feeling uncertain about your financial future with your spouse, it can cause feelings of resentment and fear. Talk to each other about your money related concerns, and if the other partner is not opening up, you may want to attend a few counseling sessions where you can lay everything out on the table. This ties closely with communication and the importance of sharing everything with your better half.

Going to a marriage counselor can help you both feel better about the relationship, your home life, and your future together. Talk to a local counselor for more information.