3 Reasons Counseling Is Critical For The Treatment Of Depression

17 December 2018
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Many instances of depression or affective disorders that have a depressive component, such as bipolar disorder, are treated with medication. Although medication can be an integral part of improving depression symptoms, attending counseling sessions can be equally important in dealing with depression. Feel Less Isolated It is common with depression to feel isolated, especially if you feel like you cannot talk to those around you about your symptoms or you have no one else in your life. Read More 

Is Willpower Alone Enough To Break A Drug Addiction?

22 August 2018
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Dictionary.com defines the word willpower as "control of one's actions and impulses," and many people believe that drug addictions can be broken simply by the addict using willpower to do so. If you are not an addict, you may also think this is true, but it is honestly not that simple. Breaking a drug addiction is one of the hardest things people ever have to do, and trying to break an addiction with willpower alone is typically not enough. Read More 

How Is Family Therapy Beneficial For Parents And Children?

6 May 2018
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Family counseling is one of several different methods of counseling, and its sole purpose is to help families address different issues, overcome conflicts, and learn how to communicate while living together under one roof effectively. As a parent, you may feel like there are quite a few different issues going on between yourself, your partner, and your children, many of which are currently unresolved. If you're having a tough time getting through to your children and the children aren't opening up about the way they feel, family counseling is something that could benefit each person. Read More 

4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your First Depression Counseling Session

26 January 2018
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If you're struggling with depression, scheduling sessions with a counselor can be a great way to talk through some of your issues and find solutions or coping mechanisms that can help. Still, if you've never attended a counseling session before, you may be having some mixed feelings about your upcoming appointment. By knowing what to expect and taking steps to make the most of your session, you can get off on the right foot. Read More