Taking A Closer Look At Hynosis In Psychiatry As A Potential Client

11 November 2015
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When you think about hypnosis, you may conjure up images of what you have seen in the movies, or you may even recollect the time you saw a stage full of guests hypnotized on a favorite talk show and coerced into all kinds of silliness. However, in real life hypnosis is a much more serious form of psychiatric treatment. Even though hypnotherapy is not usually accepted as a sole form of treatment by many professionals in the field of psychology, it has been considered a functional form of supportive therapy since 1993, and even before that for many therapists. If you have come across a licensed hypnotist and you think you could benefit from their services, there are a few things that you will want to know about hypnotherapy.

So, how is it that hypnotherapy works exactly?

Hypnotherapy works on the premise of inducing a patient into an acutely focused mental state. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, and different induction techniques may work better for different people. Some of the common hypnotherapy induction techniques include showing a participant a series of repetitive images or sounds, either verbally or recorded. Once you are at the most receptive state, your mind is more focused on receiving instruction and being led to clarity of thought.

Is it true some people find hypnosis to be effective for pain management?

Hypnotherapy is commonly implemented into alternative pain management programs, especially for people who may be struggling with chronic pain. In a controlled study in the year 2000, 75 percent of participants experienced marked improvement in the amount of pain they were experiencing after hypnosis. This contributed to the conclusion that hypnotherapy is quite the effective form of pain therapy. Therefore, if you are interested in pain management through hypnosis, you may be able to find some relief.

How much does hypnotherapy cost?

Every professional charges a different rate for their services. However, in general terms, the average cost per hypnosis session tends to be somewhere between $75 and $125, according to the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists. It is also not uncommon for hypnotherapists to charge a set price for a group of sessions that are dedicated to a specific form of treatment, such as a group of sessions for weight loss or achieving peak athletic performance.

There is a possibility that hypnotherapy could be an effective way to help you achieve a new lease on life--even help you lose weight, quit smoking, or work your way out of depression without medications. If you would like to know more about hypnotherapy in psychiatry, take some time to talk to a licensed hypnotherapy professional.

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