When Your Teen Needs Urgent Psychiatric Help

23 October 2015
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While teenagers can be difficult to control, if your teen is engaging in certain behaviors, it may be necessary to have your teen committed to a psychiatric hospital. Manic episodes, hallucinations and uncontrollable rage are all justifiable reasons that you can have your teen hospitalized. There are several steps you must take to have your teen placed in a mental clinic.

Call 911 If Your Teen Is Placing Him Or Herself In Imminent Danger 

If the situation is an emergency, you should call 911. A police officer can arrive and have your child transported to a nearby mental health facility. In most states, your child must be held for 24 to 72 hours. The length of your teen's stay is based on how soon a psychologist determines that your teen is no longer a threat to others.

Visit a Psychiatric Hospital

Psychiatric hospitals usually provide very intense and fast-paced treatment for patients. The stay is only for a few days, with the goal of stabilizing the symptoms your teen is suffering from. Call a psychiatric hospital to ask about the procedure you must follow to have your teen committed. Often, you will need a referral from a psychiatric specialist. Schedule an appointment with an adolescent psychiatry specialist who can work with and evaluate your teen. The specialist will be able to make a more informed recommendation for the right hospital to send your teen to.

Provide The Hospital With Information

Both you and your teen will be interviewed to gather information on the reason why you would like your teen hospitalized. The hospital will only commit your teen if they believe that your child is a danger to his or herself or others. With relevant information, the hospital then attempts to stabilize your teen and evaluate the situation. After gathering enough information, the hospital then comes up with a plan for ongoing care.

Work With The Hospital To Develop A Plan

After your teen has been evaluated, you will discuss with mental health professionals specific measurable goals that your teen can seek to achieve. Whenever the plan and goals are modified, you will usually meet with a primary therapist who will review these changes with you.

Consider Outpatient Services

If the situation is not urgent, you may wish to instead have your teen committed to an outpatient clinic. These types of clinics are much less expensive because your teen will not reside in the center. Instead, your teen will be brought in for appointments.